Abalonyx successfully completet graphene oxide production pilot.

Abalonyx has successfully run its pilot reactor to produce twenty 160 g batches of GO. Product quality and reproducibility was found to be fully satisfactory.


June 4th. 2010

High throughput SILAR established and verified

Abalonyx has established an automated laboratory set-up for high throughput "successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction". Up to 48 samples can be run in parallell. The set-up includes several features that are beyond customary state of the art. The set-up has now been tested for a variety of thin film compositions, including oxides, carbonates and phosphates with very satisfactory results.

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March 19.th 2010 - Abalonyx files 6 patent applications

Today, March 19th. 2010, Abalonyx has filed six Norwegian patent application to protect its enabling technology.

R&D-programmes supported by the Norwegian Research Council

Abalonyx was in 2006 granted 4.75 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council as support for a 2 1/2 year R&D programme aimed at the development of target biomimetic materials. Total budget was 8.75 MNOK (= 1.4 MUSD). The programme was a collaborative project including the University of Oslo and SINTEF.

In 2009 a new 2 1/2 year R&D project was granted by the Norwegian Research Council, aimed at the development of a flexible, transparent conductive coating for FPD- and PV-applications. Total budget is 12 MNOK (= 2.1 MUSD). The programme is a collaborative project including SINTEF.

Historical news

Abalonyx founded as corporation on September 1.st. 2005

On september 1.st. 2005, Abalonyx was officially established as a corporation registered in Norway.


Agreement with Oslo Innovation center

On september 1.st. 2005, Abalonyx signed a collaboration agreement with Oslo Innovation Center.

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