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The Abalonyx Team


Dr. Rune Wendelbo, CEO

Svein Olerud, MSc, Chairman of Board. Senior advisor at The Quarz Corp.

Svein Olav Torø, MSc, Member of Board. CEO Kongsberg Innovation

Stephanie Santos, MSc, Graphene Oxide for water treatment 

Siamak Eqtesadi, PhD, Graphene Oxide derivatives for ceramic composites 

Azadeh Motealleh, PhD, Graphene Oxide derivatives for polymer composites

Willy Haugen, Mr., Production facility manager

Samaneh Etemadi, MSc, Graphene Oxide products development

Blerina Gjoka, PhD, Graphene oxide functionalisation

Janett Simensen, BSc, Quality Management

Reidar Gulla, BSc, Process Development

Rashi Raina, BSc, HSE responsible

Maryam Modarres, PhD, graphene oxide for catalysis





Company history

Abalonyx was founded in 2005 by Dr. Rune Wendelbo in collaboration with Oslo Innovation Center AS. Several major projects funded by the Reseach Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and EU have been completed, resulting in a portfolio of technologies and products now ready for commercialization. Since 2014, graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives are sold worldwide.


Our technology basis is both in materials and methods. On the materials side we are specialized in the synthesis and manipulation of graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives. On the methods side we use and develop automated processes for the production of our products. The aim is full automation of all experiments and production, in order to secure quality, reproducibility and cost effectiveness.
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Where we are located

Abalonyx offices and labs are conveniently located at SINTEF in Oslo, in close proximity to the University of Oslo and the Oslo Innovation Center. Production facility located in Drøbak, Norway.

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