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Graphene Week 2019

Abalonyx participated in the Graphene Week 2019 event in October that took place in Helsinki, Finland. 

Graphene Week is an annual event organized by the Graphene Flagship, Abalonyx is an associate member of this association. We had the opportunity to hold two talks focused on the battery technology developed by our sister company, Graphene Batteries, and Graphene Oxide for membranes in loudspeakers. During the exhibition, we had the chance to meet key stakeholders from the Graphene Industry. 


Graphene Brasil 2019

Abalonyx participated as a Speaker in the Graphene Brasil Conference that took place in September at the Palace of Itamaray in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

The talk focused on the Graphene Oxide (GO) applications that are one step away from commercialization. 

For more information about the conference, click here



TechConnect World 2019

Abalonyx participated as an Exhibitor and a Speaker at TechConnect World 2019 Conference in Boston, MA, USA. 

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