PERGOLA is a three-phase project within the SME-Instrument in H2020 program. Abalonyx has been granted the first stage of the project. This phase aims to develop a feasibility study for large scale production of rGO, it started in October 2019 and has a duration of 6 months. 
Based on the current production method of Abalonyx, PERGOLA aims to offer the first industrial automated manufacturing process to obtain rGO at large scale (~4 Kg/day), decreasing the production cost to between 100 – 400 €/Kg, and improving the C/O-ratio (up to 100) being able to offer tailored C/O-ratio and number of layers to our customers such as composite, thermoelectric materials, lubricants, sensors and, battery manufacturers.
PERGOLA has letters of intent from two industrial actors that want to include rGO in their manufacturing processes. This will help Abalonyx to accelerate the commercialization of rGO. Within 6-years of its commercialization, we expect €72million of cumulative profit to achieve a return of investment of (ROI) 35.