This product has been washed extensively with de-ionized water to reduce acidity. C/O atomic ratio = 3.1 - 3.2. This GO-product is a weak solid acid with about 0.4 mmol acid sites/g, and slightly less than product 1.3. When diluted to 0.1 weight % the suspension has pH > 4 when packed. The product is perfectly dispersible in de-ionized water using ultra-sound bath for 1/2 h. However, if dried, it can not be re-dispersed, so if dispersing is required, do not dry!


Product  Code         Amount of GO          Form                         Amount of Paste    Price (USD)    
1.3A/25Kg 2.5 Kg Aqueous paste 25 Kg 6200
1.3A/3Kg 0.3 Kg Aqueous paste 3 Kg 1170
1.3A/1Kg 0.1 Kg Aqueous paste 1 Kg 550
1.3A/0.25Kg 25 g Aqueous paste 250 g  200
1.3A/0.05Kg 5 g Aqueous paste 50 g  50